• Selection of installation parameters according to the latest standards and regulations, and the optimization of parameters according to demand
  • Concepts of water supply / sewage installation
  • Complete installation projects of water supply and sewerage installation for professional gastronomy and other buildings
  • Optimisation consulting of the available solutions
  • Short execution time


Water supply and sewage systems are crucial for the proper functioning of all public buildings. Not only a professional gastronomy requires proper and optimal design of installation, including common areas, toilets and other installations must be taken into account in the design process. A well-designed installation of water and sewage system is always in line with current sanitary regulations and allows efficient operation of the facility. Only experience and knowledge guarantee the execution of the water/sewage design in a proper manner and gives the user the possibility of a flexible approach to the facility.

GL CONSULTING has the appropriate experience and knowledge, and always use it for the optimum effect for the customer. We can quickly and efficiently design the necessary installations, taking into account all the parameters of the facility, its function and potential usage. The fact is that our team takes into account its experience with the equipment connected to the system, which guarantees problem-free operation of installation.