The aim of the mass caterers or any restaurants is to meet the nutritional needs of what is realized by providing ready-to-eat meals and drinks, safe in terms of quality and ensuring conditions for their consumption.

That is the definition and what does it mean in reality? In its simplest terms, this means that each food service, regardless of the size and features, needs to prepare food safely for the consumer that is in compliance with all hygiene regulations. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to implement the so-called. programs GMP / GHP or principles of Good Hygienic Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices (catering) as well as the HACCP system or the conditions and manner of control of hazards relevant to food safety. Each owner of a professional gastronomy facility is obliged to prepare the documentation for GMP / GHP for the purpose of handover by SANEPID and implementation of the HACCP system in order to control the process of food preparation.

These programs are mandatory for all owners and their preparation is not easy due to the fact that they must be adapted to the characteristics of the facility and its functions so must take into account the environment of the facility and specific threats. Also in this respect the knowledge and experience of GL CONSULTING is at your disposal – we will prepare relevant documentation and instructions how to operate without exposing to the hygienic authorities negative comments. Please note that the lack of or poorly prepared documentation may result in refusal to permit the catering business, and in best case a serious delay in the opening of the investment, until the removal of errors – a much more rational solution is to entrust this matter experts from GL CONSULTING.