About us

Dear Sir or Madam,

In today’s fast-changing world of electronic media, the Internet, high-speed communication, rules of doing business have been changing as well. To exploit to the maximum the appearing possibility on the market, we have to adapt to these changes. Unfortunately, today we can not rely only on our own skills and knowledge – technological advances and millions of possibilities for the use of cutting-edge solutions, encourage to delegate complex problems to solve by specialists. It gives you peace of mind and saves time. Time, as proclaimed by still up-to-date saying – is money.

To meet these challenges, we present you our offer of cooperation, proposing remove from your shoulders the difficult business decisions, of which often your investment depends on. Every businessman wants to hard-earned money was well and optimally invested. Now it is the opportunity – the answer to this challenge is the GL CONSULTING Sp. o.o.

GL CONSULTING Company was created by experts in their field, to act in range of professional kitchen technology and ventilation. The name of the company is not accidental – we seriously treat notion of consulting, little bit abused in the common understanding. This term means by us, the choice of the most optimal solution for the customer, which can reach the highest possible profit or savings.

We also treat very seriously notions such as honesty and reliability – we ensure that these two principles are at the foundation of our work performed on behalf of a client, regardless of the size of the agreed remuneration. We are confident that choosing to work with us, w can easily convince you to the truth of this assertion.

The company GL CONSULTING is a team of highly talented, conscientious engineers and specialists with a combined experience in the professional kitchen industries and ventilation, more than 40 years! Welcome to cooperation!

Paweł Jankielewicz
Tomasz Kossowski
Andrzej Parafiniuk