F.A.Q. – Help

I plan to open a catering service / restaurant – whether it’s a good idea where you can earn?

Answer: Well, catering business existed since time immemorial and has always been a good deal, but as always the devil is in the details – acting recklessly and hastily, without leaving investment service to specialists, gold mine could easily turn into a bottomless pit. There are plenty of factors that influence whether catering business will succeed. Fortunately, we have the knowledge and experience in these matters and we will help you successfully overcome the problems. A good solution is to commission the problem to GL CONSULTING team, whose professionals have extensive experience and you will not have to learn from your mistakes.

I plan to open a restaurant / pub – how much the catering equipment will cost?

Answer: For such a general question we can not answer right away. There are many factors affecting the cost of your kitchen – the size of the premises, the planned number of guests on the premises (consumer seats), type of activity (restaurant, cafeteria, lunch-bar, pub, burger bar ect.), planned menu, class of equipment, planned time of amortization of investment and many, many other. The quote to be spent on the purchase of equipment for the kitchen, you can calculate by the detailed plan of activity – at every stage of planning GL CONSULTING is at your disposal as a consultant and designer. Please note that we ALWAYS advise the most optimal choice for a given client.

Why ventilation is so important and what makes it cost so much?

Answer: Of course, we can say that there is enough oxygen in the air and you do not have to worry about delivering it to our buildings, restaurants and offices. The case is unfortunately more complex and efficient ventilation system will be an essential element of our investment. Starting from the fact that the rules accurately determine the amount of air that we need to remove and deliver to the premises in order to obtain the handover of investments in accordance with the law, the purely prosaic matter to remove odors from the kitchen in such a way that the customers of our restaurant can enjoy meal in a comfortable atmosphere. Proper planning of the ventilation system is not simple and cheap, so you should use knowledge of experts, who use their experience and they ensure that the investor optimal used capital and spending funds for the necessary equipment for ventilation. Also in this area GL CONSULTING provides a wide range of services.

Why we are needed kitchen technology designs – can we avoid doing them?

Answer: kitchen technology design is not legally required to receive the handover of the facility by the hygiene officials (Sanepid). However, equiping kitchen without having consulted design, exposes the investor to huge losses in case of drawback in hygiene field, wrong specification of the function of individual rooms or inconsistent placement of kitchen equipment. Any experienced catering manager or catering investor will wonder even seconds before the order to perform a full consulted design, by an experienced designer – firstly it allows a precise plan of investment and cost estimate and secondly protect against incorrect definition of the kitchen functions and the need for costly in money and time structural changes. GL CONSULTING prepares concepts and projects and take care of necessary approvals (authorities). At the end GL CONSULTING takes over the duties of the investor during stressful handover procedure (Sanepid). We guarantee 100% compliance of the projects with the law and the possibility of zero trouble with handover the investment.

How to avoid the “extortion” by contractors and how to utilize well our capital to the selection of the optimal equipment for catering and ventilation in the facility?

Answer: The answer can be only one – you should eploy trustworthy partner to handle the realization. There are thousands of models of equipment for catering as well as ventilation equipment on the market. Navigating the maze of this is very difficult and easy to get caught fraudulent contractor who will be promoted the most profitable solution for him, not necessarily optimal for the investor and the investment profitability. The solution is to ask the GL CONSULTING – a company that is not affiliated in any way with any supplier, manufacturer or contractor. We pride ourselves on an transparent and fair attitude towards our clients – we guarantee impartial look and a range of solutions to ensure the greatest return on investment.

Why should order a technology design and why a free option offered by the project contractors is not a good solution?

To begin with, it is always worthwhile to approach our business sensibly and systematically. Before we begin to invest in new facility or expand an existing one, we have to carefully identify the needs, anticipated costs and potential profits. Such planning will allow us to gather all the expected costs of investments and calculate the profitability of our business. Technology design enables the precise amount, the type of devices and connections (industry design) that we need to provide (to buy) to our premises already in the planning stage, when not released yet large sums for arranging premises and equipment.

Let’s take a simple example of two businessmen: (1) Mr. Mieczyslaw wants to quickly open a pizzeria, so he not devote time for planning. At the same time he takes care of renting the facility, he employs a cook and on the basis of insufficient information, which he at this stage has, orders equipment to the kitchen after having sent several inquiries to the contracting companies (of course he choose the cheapest offer).

After the construction works adapting the facility and execution of interior design, installation of kitchen equipment is done. Date when the pizzeria is about to open is now fixed, menu is prepared and menus printed. And now there are troubles appearing on horizon. Mr. Mieczyslaw did not check the allocation of electric power to the facility and it turns out that when you run all the equipment, the installation does not stand and work in kitchen stops. He believed in providing construction crew ( “you will be pleased”), which has no experience in the arrangement of professional kitchens and made connections media had to remake destroying the floor. Poorly functioning ventilation, which was selected “more or less” causes smells of cooking everywhere and in the kitchen itself temperature exceeds 45 degrees. Mr. Mieczyslaw was finished off by Sanepid (hygienic authority) which on handover the facility ordered to rework the location of several rooms, adding 2 technology sinks (connections were not prepared, so he had to again destroy floor) and banned the start of operations before improving ventilation. The result – a waste of a few months, tens of thousands of zlotys and lost profits from potential customers, which can not be operated …

The second of our businessman – Ms. Barbara (2) wanted to check everything thoroughly before starting her restaurant. Once she found a facility to rent, she ordered a professional technology design, descripting that she wants to serve its guests. Continuously consulted and modified technology project determined the exact specification of equipment that Mrs. Barbara could accurately priced in a number of companies comparing “apples to apples”. Offers were consulted with an independent designer, enabling Ms Barbara to select the optimal price solution and the best value for money and additional services (service, parts availability, the cost of installation and warranty conditions). Designer checked all the parameters of the premises, electricity, water and sewage and gas as well as the capacity of the existing ventilation system. Designer warned Ms. Barbara about all the hygiene requirements, installation and regulations relating to this kind of activity, so bisnessman could accurately plan expenses related to the opening of the facility and operating costs. Order the equipment and its installation went smoothly and on time, because there were no collisions installation and surprises. The opening of the restaurant went in the planned date and the Sanepid handover only confirmed the compatibility of the arrangement with the current regulations. Even if Mrs. Barbara spend at the beginning a little bit more, for sure Mr. Mieczyslaw would like to take her place.

So why is not worth it to choose the “free” design offered by many contracor companies? For a simple reason – such a project is not free. Of course, the customer does not pay for it directly, but he is related with the contractor by agreement and end up paying for a project many times more in equipment price and after-sales services. Implementation of the design is a large amount of employees time, expensive software and other costs, which must bear the contractor. Counting on the fact that a contractor company incur high costs and give up personal gain for high ideas, it is not the wisest solution …

Please believe us – best solution is to outsource problem to specialists, we’ve seen too many situations No. 1 described above. GL CONSULTING is a guarantee of peace of mind.

Why ventilation design is worthwhile?

It’s simple – for savings. One may ask, where’s the savings, if you have to pay for the design of the ventilation system? Well, if you order a ventilation system without the detailed design of ventilation, the executive company to hedge against losses due to unforeseen problems during construction and too little hardware to install, probably will take in the valuation disputes “reserve” range. Then we pay for the protection of the executive company and not our investment! Meanwhile, ordering the design of ventilation, we get the exact specification of the elements of the ventilation system, which can be checked at the stage of installation and besides, we have the guarantee that we pay for NECESSARY items. Moreover, the design is our property and we can choose any contractor on its basis with reference data. In sum ventilation system with separate design comes much cheaper. Apparent savings usually take revenge on our wallet at the wrong time and in the most painful way…

Please note: GL CONSULTING always proposes the most effective financial solutions for each customer!