Paweł Jankielewicz
Chairman of the Board


He has many years of managerial experience as well as an businessman and leader in its industry. As part of the GL Consulting Sp. o.o. serves as Chairman of the Board responsible for the overall operations of the company in the market by managing the work of the design office, through acquisition and customer service strategy, design kitchen technology, catering facilities, laundry and technical consulting as well as investment consulting. He gained his professional experience previously working as the owner of the company GL Consulting, engaging all the key aspects of the business, which was then transformed into a company. He had been working as a kitchen technology designer for FAGOR GASTRO POLAND, where he focused on kitchen and laundry technology and offered counseling. Previously worked with TANAKE SA. Its business objectives is a dynamic development of GL CONSULTING, build a base of loyal customers and attract new ones, obtaining a stable market position and high recognition, support for both retail and corporate / network clients and the dynamic development of the company in all business areas (technology, catering, ventilation, consulting ), eventually entering foreign markets and customer service in the EU and eastern Europe and Asia. He graduated Warsaw University of Life Sciences , where he earned a master’s degree at the Faculty of Food Technology and Human Nutrition. In his spare time interest in personal development. Stay in touch @goldenline and @linkedin.

Andrzej Parafiniuk
Vice President, Member of the Board
andrzejHe has many years of professional and management experience, he is a specialist and a professional in the professional kitchen industry. As part of the GL Consulting Sp. o.o. he serves as Vice President, Member of the Board and is responsible for customer acquisition, corporate customer service, marketing and promotion of the company, the administration and HR. His specialization is technical and investment consulting in the field of professional gastronomy. He gained his experience working as a Director of Sales Office in Warsaw Dora Metal Sp. z o.o., where he was responsible for sales activities, administration and HR, he also served as Regional Manager in GASTRO INSTAL, where he built a distribution network in the central and eastern Poland and was responsible for negotiating and maintaining relationships with contractors; previously he worked as Project Manager for TANAKE SA where he was responsible for commercial and technical support for corporate clients. He graduated Warsaw University of Life Sciences, where he earned a master’s degree at the Faculty of Human Nutrition and Household Sciences. In his spare time, he is interested in sport shooting activities. Stay in touch @goldenline and @linkedin.