• Measurements of buildings
  • Developing plans of utilization the investment area
  • Optimalisation of equipment for the professional kitchen facility
  • Evaluation existing solutions and optimization projects
  • Investment analysis of equipment for gastronomy
  • Investment analysis of the ventilating equipment
  • Investment estimations
  • Consultancy in the field of ergonomics and economics work in the kitchen


Kitchen equipment and ventilation system is usually a significant expense for the investment – that is why it is worth spending a lot of attention to this subject – the savings can go into the hundreds thousand! Overinvestment is the most common mistake made when planning a new business, on the other hand, businessmen often do not see the benefits of the latest technology and modern technical solutions that allow them to make substantial savings on water consumption, electricity or gas, during the operational activities of the investment.

Executive company solutions rarely are optimally matched to the actual needs of investment and are aimed at increasing the income of the contractor. GL CONSULTING proposes always the most optimal solutions.